AminoAct is our premium grade bioactive peptides. 

Suitable uses include:

  • Recovery from surgeries or drug treatments

  • Coughing, difficulty breathing

  • Severe chronic inflammation

150 Capsules per order

Take 3-4 capsules a day

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Typical customer profiles & product benefits

  • People undergoing treatments such as radiation, chemo, have weakened immune system due to high oxidative stress:   AminoAct is designed to relieve treatment related fatigue and help organs to regain normal functions. 
  • People with chronic lung inflammation or fibrosis also may benefit from AminoAct.  The bioactive peptides can reach the lungs to relieve overactive macrophages and neutrophils to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory factors. 
  • People with autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma have also reported better flexibility and skin condition. 
I have salivary gland cancer. After taking AminoAct for a month, friends mentioned that they noticed a huge difference in my appearance, that I no longer look gray and ill and that I now have life in my face and some pink in my cheeks.
I have no doubt that AminoAct is having a significant effect on my quality of life and health treatments.