Benefits of functional milk proteins & peptides 

Chronic inflammation is low grade inflammation that are  caused by environment, diet and physical stress. Research has shown that the decline in mitochondrial quality and activity has been associated with chronic inflammation. 

OncoNutrition's bioactive peptides target the mitochondria and stimulates the body to either take away defective mitochondria (mitophagy) or repair defective mitochondria.  Healthier mitochondria in the tissues and white blood cells promote the switch from a proinflammatory to an anti-inflammatory state.  And this can be reflected in the decrease in the body's secretion of pro-inflammatory factor. 


Switching from a pro-inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory state

OncoNutrition bioactive peptides have been tested in human subjects to assess its effect on lowering pro-inflammatory factors in the blood serum. These factors were measured before and six days after daily ingestion of OncoNutrition peptides.

TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor) is an endogenous pyrogen, able to induce fever, sepsis, cachexia, inflammation and it is implicated in many auto-immune diseases and is linked to cancer progression.

IL-8 (inteleukin-8) causes neutrophils and granulocyte to migrate toward the site of infection.  IL-8 is also known to be a potent promoter of angiogenesis.

MCP-1 (monocyte chemotactic protine-1; CCL2) regulates migration and infiltration of monocytes/macrophages. It is implicated in pathogeneses of diseases such as atherosclerosis and neuroinflammatory diseases.  It’s also highly elevated in breast cancer cells.

RANTES (regulated and normal T cell expressed and secreted) plays an important role in allergic inflammatory processes, carcinogenesis, and are markedly elevated in primary tumor and metastatic lesions from patients with breast or cervical cancer. 

GROα (CXCL1) has neutrophil chemoattractant activity.  It is involved in angiogenesis, inflammation, wound healing and tumorigenesis. 



Other health benefits


Reducing oxidation, improving metabolism

OncoNutrition bioactive peptides help repair the body's mitochondria. After taking the peptides for 8 days, reduced DNA damage in the blood by 30% can be detected. And this corresponds to the reduction in the urine free radicals.

Having better mitochondria also translates into better metabolism. After taking the peptides for a month, blood glucose immediately after a meal can be more effectively metabolized by the body.

After six weeks, liver function is improved by measuring the SGOT level in the blood. SGOT is a liver enzyme. Higher amount of liver enzyme in the body signifies damages to the liver. Taking OncoNutrition's bioactive peptides led to significant decrease in SGOT level within 3 weeks, and after six weeks, the SGOT level has reduced by 54%.




Cancer Cachexia

 Cancer cachexia is a wasting syndrome that is linked to metabolic dysfunctions and chronic inflammation. Repairing of mitochondria can help maintain skeletal muscle performance, energy production, and physical functions.



OncoNutrition's bioactive peptides can significantly help with pain reduction,  joint mobility, and body flexibility.


Recovery from medical treatments

Surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments are traumatic for the body.  Oxidative stress and inflammation lead to treatment-induced fatigue and organ damages.  OncoNutrition peptides' natural anti-inflammatory properties can help people regain energy and improve physical functions.



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD)

Exposure to pollution, chemicals and cigarette smoke lead to chronic irritation and inflammation of the airways. Onconutrition's bioactive peptides effectively reach the lungs and reduce multiple inflammatory factors that irritate the lungs, decrease coughing and increase breathing capacity.