Cellular renewal

Milk peptides are known to have antioxidant properties and cellular repair.  

OncoNutrition's bioactive peptides target the mitochondria and stimulates the body to either take away defective mitochondria (mitophagy) or repair defective mitochondria.  Healthier mitochondria in the tissues and in the blood reduce free radicals and promote better organ functions. 


Reducing oxidation, improving metabolism & organ functions

OncoNutrition bioactive peptides help repair the body's mitochondria. After taking the peptides for 8 days, reduced DNA damage in the blood by 30% can be detected. And this corresponds to the reduction in the urine free radicals.

Having better mitochondria also translates into better metabolism. After taking the peptides for a month, blood glucose immediately after a meal can be more effectively metabolized by the body.

After six weeks, liver function is improved by measuring the SGOT level in the blood. SGOT is a liver enzyme. Higher amount of liver enzyme in the body signifies damages to the liver. Taking OncoNutrition's bioactive peptides led to significant decrease in SGOT level within 3 weeks, and after six weeks, the SGOT level has reduced by 54%.