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Clinically Safe & Beneficial

OncoNutrition portfolio of nutritional products is derived from milk, by extracting a small amount of embryonic proteins in milk and processing into peptides for oral bioavailability.  These  peptides exert natural anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Our product was tested in a six week, 73 people, double blind, placebo-controlled safety study conducted at Baylor University, and published in the journal Nutrition.

  • The bioactive peptides are safe to consume orally.

  • All clinical blood markers remained within normal levels and no clinically significant side effects were reported.

  • There was some evidence of improved insulin sensitivity, reduction of inflammation (neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio), and better physical functions.

  • In a C. elegans worm study, the peptides showed a weak but significant increase in lifespan by 15%.


Better Quality of Life

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"It's such joy to live & thrive again"

— L. Root, a long term cancer survivor


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