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Middle age and older people are often impacted by various chronic medical conditions. Quality of life and healthcare costs become major concerns for people over 50. Many medical experts now believe that the best strategy for preventing and fighting a multitude of diseases is to focus on slowing the biological processes of aging.

AminoGuard™: Slows Cellular Aging

In a 2005 collaboration with University of Utah, AminoGuard™ has been shown to extend the median lifespan of C. Elegans worms by 15%. If extrapolated to humans, AminoGuard™ could potentially increase human lifespan by 11 years. Further research is still ongoing to investigate the roles of AminoGuard™ in longevity.

How Does AminoGuard™ Work?

AminoGuard™ slows cellular aging by reducing free radical damages and inflammation.

Free radicals in our body damages DNA, protein and lipid, which accelerate cellular aging. Inflammation is strongly linked to aging, and is directly correlated to chronic illnesses such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and heart attack.

AminoGuard™ increases the body’s own antioxidant enzymes to fight free radicals. In a recent 2008 study, researchers from Harvard University reported the discovery that when DNA is damaged by free radicals in the body, certain guardian proteins that usually regulate DNA expression have to leave their posts to combat free radicals. This leads to deregulation of DNA expression. Researchers concluded that deregulation of DNA expression is likely the universal mechanism of aging.

AminoGuard™ increases SOD enzymes in the body, which is the body’s first line of defense against free radicals. This allows the DNA guardian proteins to get back to their posts, thus enabling the body to function properly.

AminoGuard also reduces TNF-alpha, a pro-inflammatory factor secreted by white blood cells. TNF-alpha is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma and many autoimmune diseases.

Other benefits of AminoGuard™ include:
  • Triglycerides lowering
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
Who should take AminoGuard™? Any adult, not pregnant or nursing, can take AminoGuard™. People over the age of 50 or people with inflammation conditions will have the greatest benefits from taking AminoGuard™.

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  • Increases antioxidant level
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Triglycerides lowering
  • Increases energy
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
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